Old School

I thinl lasagna is PERFECT. And yours looks PERFECT!

Cooking in Sens


Among the things I could make when I got married; meatloaf, potato salad, spaghetti and meatballs, baked chicken, beef stew, chili and enchiladas.  When I had guests coming that hadn’t been recently and I wanted to go all foreign and chic, lasagna 🙂  Really.  I was such a rube!


The lasagna was always a hit.  Why wouldn’t it be with kilos of cheese, sauce, pasta and meat?  To gild the lily, I would also make butter soaked garlic bread.  We were hungrier in those days and “too much” wasn’t a part of our vocabularies.  We always had salad because that is what you served with the lasagna.  I don’t know who made that rule but it still applies today 🙂


I think obesity began in the 50s when there was plenty of actually good food (non-GM) that we decided wasn’t good enough and added sugar and other bizarre things to…

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